Model-Based Engineering (MBE) is an approach to the design, analysis and development of software and systems that relies on exploiting high-level models and computer-based automation to achieve significant boosts in both productivity and quality. The ECMFA conference series is dedicated to advancing the state of knowledge and fostering the industrial application of MBE and related approaches. Its focus is on engaging the key figures of research and industry in a dialog which will result in stronger and more effective practical application of MBE, hence producing more reliable software based on state-of-the-art research results. ECMFA 2017 will be co-located with ICMT, ICGT, and TAP as part of the STAF federation of conferences, leading conferences on software technologies (STAF2017). The joint organization of these prominent conferences provides a unique opportunity to gather practitioners and researchers interested in all aspects of software technology, and allow them to interact with each other.

Type of event: Conference

Type of audience: Professional, Company, University, Researcher Institute, Public Administration, etc.

Date of event: 19th – 20th  July 2017

Location: Marburg – 13th European Conference on Modelling Foundations and Applications

Agenda Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Session 3: Model Verification and Analysis, Chair: TBA

16:00     Amir Shayan Ahmadian, Daniel Strüber, Volker Riediger and Jan Jürjens: Model-based Privacy Analysis in Industrial Ecosystems

16:30     Martin Gogolla, Frank Hilken, Philipp Niemann and Robert Wille: Formulating Model Verification Tasks Prover-Independently as UML Diagrams

17:00     Hichem Debbi: Modeling and Formal Analysis of of Probabilistic Complex Event Processing (CEP) Applications