Ministero Sviluppo Economico (MISE) is the Italian national Ministry for economic development and it manages important areas in the strategic evolution and vision of the country. In particular, the Ministry is responsible for:

  • Industrial politics: politics for the development of entrepreneurship, promoting industrial research and innovation, protection and improvement of the ‘Made in Italy’ and fight against adulteration, management of subsidies and funds for enterprises, enable access to credit for enterprises;
  • Internationalisation politics: politics for internationalization of enterprises and promotion of Italian production abroad, international trade, multilateral trade agreements and economic cooperation within the European union, development of:
    • new Italian investments abroad and projects to attract foreign investments in Italy, managing of commercial defence instruments (antidumping, etc);
    • Energy politics: development of energy national strategy, transport network, energy infrastructures, single energy market; promoting renewal energy and efficiency; Dismantlement of nuclear plants; national gas market, petrol downstream system and market; national mining politics; stocking of natural gas; etc.;
  • Communication politics: implementation of the National Plan for distribution of broadcasting frequencies for radio, television, mobile communication and emergency services. Regulation for electronic sectors, audio and video broadcasting and postal sector. Broadband infrastructure programme. Research for network and electronic communication services.

The ministry, besides, is concerned with many others important roles, such as promoting competition, deregulation, customer safeguards, prices monitoring, registry of enterprises and chamber of commerce etc.

All the above services are delivered both on line and with on-site agencies; in the government vision the on-line services should be improved and enlarged in order to have a fully integrated e-government model. Considering the type of information managed the privacy and protection of data is an high level concern in this Ministry and has its full attention.

The above services are delivered through local agencies as well as Ministry portal

This Ministry continuously design and deliver new services to companies and citizens by deploying new technologies and tools aiming at easy, fast and effective citizens interaction. In essence, e-Government services include among others the submission of citizen requests, the provision of all the needed documents for potential transactions with the Government and the industrial worlds as well as the intellectual property area, and electronic payments of specific taxes and so on. Moreover, recently opened data related to the market growth in different world-wide countries in order to enable local industries to move ourside Italy. This reflects the gradual move towards opening up governmental data and the added-value identified also through the results of running smart-city projects.
MISE has always acted as key innovator for new e-services involving the Public Administration.