veltiVelti is a leading global provider of mobile marketing and advertising solutions that enable brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators, and media to implement interactive and measurable campaigns by communicating with and engaging consumers via their mobile devices.

Velti’s technology platform enables its customers to use mobile media to plan, manage and optimize mobile advertising and marketing campaigns, reaching consumers, engaging them through mobile messaging, mobile Internet and mobile applications, and helping customers achieve their marketing performance targets with their respective audience. Velti holds a global infrastructure that allows it to delivers multiple campaigns globally every year reaching out, practically, to any consumer that has a mobile device and holds a number of patents in mobile marketing and advertising methods. As an example of Velti’s clientele more than 10 of the top-20 mobile operators worldwide have run mobile marketing campaigns using Velti solutions in that last 5 years.

Velti’s core skillset is analysing, designing, prototyping, productizing and optimizing mobile marketing and advertising campaigns. In terms of the use of consumers’ personal data VELTI’s core value is to safeguard the transparency of the use of user’s personal data, ensuring that all appropriate measures have been taken to receive user’s consent before any such data are utilized in any way and conforming to the local administrations legislation across the globe. Additionally VELTI holds business relationship with local administrations in SEE (South East Europe) area for developing mobile applications that helps these administrations deliver services to their citizens or visitors in those areas. VELTI is interested in developing solutions for these administrators will allow them to develop new solutions for their citizens that provide them with transparency for the use of their personal data and a perception of the value these data generate.

Velti constantly experiments with new innovative ways to engage with consumers, new means for creating successful campaigns and new business models across mobile marketing & advertising value chain. Velti teams include experienced designers, developers, analysts and projects managers that have worked on a long list of applications/campaigns and products for mobile which have been developed either for the company’s customers and or as standalone applications marketed directly to the consumers.

Velti holds a dedicated department for innovation, research & development with analytical and innovation skills with a broad range of expertise: from technology architects to experienced technical/business analysts, solution consultants and user experience/concept designers.

Relevant EU or national Projects

In the past Velti innovation team has participated in a number of EU FP7 research projects, examples of which are:

  • EFIPSANS – exposing the features in IP version six protocols that can be exploited or extended for the purposes of designing or building autonomic networks and services.
  • SKYMEDIA – to explore, design, and demonstrate a novel multimedia end-to-end architecture that can provide unique immersive media experiences to audiences during live events.
  • DIG – to develop an integrated mobile commerce platform, exploiting fully new media applications and social media, to empower SMEs that are active at the broader tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • The DIG platform, which is targeting SMEs, will take into consideration their limited IT skills, making the user interface user friendly in order to be fully functional with the minimum IT skills possible. (
  • 3DTVS – to devise scalable 3DTV AV content description, indexing, search and browsing methods across open platforms, by using mobile and desktop user interfaces and to incorporate such functionalities in 3D audiovisual content archives. (

In the area of transparency and data privacy VELTI innovation team has developed expertise in the field with two active EU FP7 funded projects:

  • OPENi – aims at radically improving the interoperability of cloud-based services and trust in personal cloud storage through the development of a consumer-centric, open source mobile cloud applications platform. (
  • USEMP – to raise citizens´ awareness of their digital footprint in social media and give the consumers´ the control of their personal data. (