The composition of the VisiOn consortium is the result of a clear identification of partners with complimentary expertise and experience, in order to fulfil the project aim and drive a strong commercialisation and exploitation effort of the project results.

In particular, ATOS, BUSINESS-E and VELTI are European market leaders in their respective areas and they bring strong expertise in the provision of services and solutions for Security, Privacy and Trust (ATOS/BUSINESS-E) and data evaluation (VELTI). They also bring expertise and know-how for commercialisation and exploitation of innovative solutions and a strong record of doing that in European and international level. DAEM brings unique specialist knowledge and know-how in the Public Administration and more importantly in the Local Government domain, strong commercial experience in this area and strong service provision on behalf of the Municipality of Athens. University of Trento and University of Brighton lead the world research in Privacy, Trust and Security requirements. They bring expertise and research outputs (which are ready for commercialisation) in Security Requirements, Trust management and Privacy Analysis. ISST, UKL and NCSDR bring strong expertise and research outputs ready for commercialisation in the areas of security policy, monitoring and enforcement. MISE, OPBG and HUNJ are strong representatives of Public Administrations at highest level (MISE), and health care provision (OPBG and HUNJ). In addition, the VisiOn project partners were carefully selected to provide technical complementary skills and competences, which adequately cover all the project objectives and activities, including from the generation of ideas, analysis of requirements, specification and design, implementation, system integration, system validation and demonstration, dissemination, communication, commercialisation and exploitation.