VisiOn’s work plan is organised into 6 Work Packages (WPs):

WP1 – Project Management: This WP is in charge of the overall management of the project and it monitors and enforces the quality of the results.

WP2 – Requirements and Architecture: This WP provides the user and system level requirements and thoroughly describes the VisiOn Privacy Platform (VPP) architecture.

WP3 – Privacy Software Components: This WP is dedicated to the improvement of the existing software of the VisiOn partners to provide the different software components of the VisiOn Privacy Platform (VPP).

WP4 – VisiOn Privacy Platform: This work package provides the VisiOn Privacy Platform (VPP) software that comprises all functionalities developed in WP3. It also verifies the platform’s compliance with regulations. Testing and assessment of the VPP is also included. WP4 also includes all refinements to the VPP after feedback from the pilots is given.

WP5 – VisiOn Pilots: The first objective of WP5 is to define all the methodologies and actions (akin to operations) that will be taken during the VisiOn project pilots. Then, evaluation of the proposed pilots will lead to feedback towards the finalisation of all pilots’ details. Last, the pilot’s final demonstration will facilitate the sophisticated refinement of the VPP towards the provision of a ready to be commercialised software product.

WP6 – Dissemination, Communication, Standardisation and Exploitation: This WP will focus on the business and commercialisation plans around the VPP. It will also widely disseminate the VPP in standardisation bodies and other communication channels. Lastly, in this WP training activities of the involved PAs will be undertaken.

The Figures below show the work breakdown structure of the VisiOn work packages and tasks and the high level plan.



GANTT of the VisiOn Project