The VisiOn project officially started on the 2nd and 3rd July, when the first project kick off meeting took place in Rome. The participants at the meeting came from almost all the 11 project partners and gave the opportunity to define the workplan to be implemented in the next months. The cooperative climate in which the meeting was held represented a great starting point for the implementation of the two-years project activities, which will see as final result the creation of a technology platform for visual privacy management, aimed at making users aware of the use of their personal data. The platform will be provided to local and central Public Administrations and will allow citizens to manage and monitor their privacy through a personal agreement with the Public Administration.

You can find below the English version of the press release (Press Release – Business-e VisiON (ENG)) related to the launch of the VisiOn project.

In order to promote the launch of the VisiOn project to the widest audience possible, the press release was translated in the national languages of the project partners, in order to allow each of them to publish it in their website and to send it to the major national press agencies.

The links to the partners’ press release webpages can be found as follows: