Partners Participation Type Event name Summary of Activity
Atos Organisation Workshop Opportunities of financing in Europe to boost innovation in Public Administration Presentation of VisiOn project: privacy and transparency of the information for Public Administration.
This presentation was framed within a wider workshop including several H2020 european projects designed according to IT Public Administration needs and innovation opportunities in this sector
Atos Organisation Workshop SONNETS workshop on “Emerging ICTs and Innovation Potential for the Public Sector” Presentation of VisiOn project: visual privacy management of user´s data for public administration
Business-e Participation Conference Health & Big Data Conference Participation in the round table on security problem on health care data
Business-e Participation Conference Italy and the first year of Horizon 2020: The Societal Challenge n. 7 “Secure Societies” Presentation of the VisiOn Project
Business-e Organisation Conference Ethics and information security in the digital era Participation on a round table discussion
Business-e Organization Workshop Privacy in Wikipedia round table Presentation of the VisiOn Project and discussion on privacy and information security. Work on some key words on wikipedia
Business-e Participation Workshop Telecommunication network and Cyber Security – 2017 Roundtable on Cyber Security
Business-e and MISE Participation Conference Italian Conference on Cybersecurity ITASEC17 Round table “Cyber Security same needs and standard, different applications”
Business-e, OPBG, MISE and UNITN Organisation Workshop VisiOn Privacy Platform User Group Presentation of the pilots and round table on GDPR
Business-e Participation Conference V Conference on Application Security and Modern Technologies Invited talk: A. Praitano. Management of privacy and data protection: A case Study in the healthcare domain
DAEM Participation Conference 6th Infocom Security 2016 Upgrade your Knowledge Protect your Business DEAM held a booth during the event and disseminated VisiOn material
DAEM Participation Conference European Approach to Standardization for a Digital Market Participation with a booth disseminating VisiOn material
DAEM Participation Conference 2nd Annual Conference ICT Security World/6th Annual Conference e-Government Forum Participation with a booth disseminating VisiOn material
DAEM Participation Trade fair China HiTech Fair 2015, in Shenzhen, China The Vision video was included in the overall video presentation of DAEM services and projects, displayed at the booth
DAEM Participation Workshop Stakeholder Engagement Event 2016-Icarus project (Integrated Climate Forcing and Air pollution Reduction in Urban Systems), Athens 2016 Participation in the stakeholder event, bringing the security and privacy issue as an item to be discussed
DAEM Participation Workshop Technology Helps Society Workshop, Athens 2016 Discussion during the workshop around privacy issues
NCSRD Participation Trade fair EUCNC 2016 conference Vision Booth and Demo
NCSRD Organisation Other 5G CHARISMA summer school Discussion with students and academics about the new privacy framework and the challenges of VISION platform
NCSRD Organisation Other 5G CHARISMA summer school Presentation of novel 5G technologies and implications relevant to VISION framework
OPBG Participation Conference Annual conference of the American Telemedicine Association Participation and networking with key persons in the international scenario and industries in the field
OPBG, Business-e Organisation Conference Telemedicina in età pediatrica Participation in the round table on privacy in telemedicine activities, including VisiOn
UKL/ISST Participation Conference 8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and Science (CloudCom 2016) Presentation of the paper „S. Ahmadian, J. Jürjens. Supporting Model-based Privacy Analysis by Exploiting Privacy Level Agreements.“
UKL/ISST Participation Workshop Zukunfts workshop Big Data, Schloss Birlinghoven, Invited talk: J. Jürjens. Der Industrial Data Space: Eine unternehmensübergreifende Plattform für Big-Data-Analysen.
UKL/ISST Participation Workshop In Automation 2016, VDI, Baden-Basen, Invited talk: J. Jürjens. Sicherheitszertifizierung für Daten- und Software-Services in Industrie 4.0.
UKL/ISST Participation Workshop Software-QS-Tag 2015, Nürnberg, Invited talk: J. Jürjens. Modellbasiertes Sicherheits-Testen für Cloud-basierte Prozesse. I
UKL/ISST Participation Workshop Software Engineering (SE 2016), Lecture Notes in Informatics, GI, 2016. Invited talk: S. Wenzel, D. Warzecha, J. Jürjens, M. Ochoa. Specifying Model Changes with UMLchange to Support Security Verification of Potential Evolution.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference High Level Conference on Building the European Data Economy Invited Panel Contribution: J. Jürjens. Barriers and opportunities of use of data across sectors and borders.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference CEATEC 2016 Invited Talk: J. Jürjens. Industrial Data Space: Enabling Data Analysis Services in the Context of IoT and Industry 4.0.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference International Conference on Business Informatics and Modelling (IC-BIM 2016) Invited Talk: J. Jürjens. Industrial Data Space: Applications in the Medical Domain.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference Sixth International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2016), 2016. Invited talk: J. Jürjens: 15 Years of Model-based Security Engineering with UML: Supporting Secure Evolution.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference Fifth International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2015), 2015. Invited talk: S. Ahmadian, F. Coerschulte, J. Jürjens: Supporting the Security Certification of Cloud-Computing-Infrastructures.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference Fifth International Symposium on Business Modeling and Software Design (BMSD 2015), 2015. Invited talk:  J. Jürjens: Towards Security of Adaptable Information Systems – Current Views and Future Perspectives.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference D-A-CH Security 2015, 2015. Invited talk:  J. Stocker, S. Wenzel, J. Jürjens: IT-Risiko-Check: Das Wissen um geschäftskritische IT-Risiken.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference TDWI 2015, 2015. Invited talk:  J. Jürjens: Big Data mit Compliance: Konzepte für den Umgang mit Compliance beim Einsatz von Big Data in der Finanzbranche.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference DW 2015, 2015. Invited talk:  J. Jürjens: Compliance Warehouse: Ansätze für die Integration von Compliance-Analysen mit Data Warehousing in der Finanzbranche mittels Process-Mining.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference IHK Technologieforum Rheinland-Pfalz 2015. Invited talk:  J. Jürjens: Der Industrial Data Space: Datenanalyse für Industrie- und Geschäftsprozesse im Mittelstand
UKL/ISST Participation Conference Mitgliederversammlung des SOA Innovation Lab Invited talk: J. Jürjens. Industrial Data Space: Eine Plattform für Smart Services und Industrial Analytics.
UKL/ISST Participation Conference Software Quality Days 2017 Speech: J. Jürjens. Software Security Validation in the Industrial Data Space.
UNITN Participation Conference RE2015 General presentation of the project at RE2015 in Ottawa: Modeling Security Requirements Through Ownership, Permission and Delegation.
UNITN Participation Workshop ESPRE 2015 Specific presentation at Workshop ESPRE2015 collocated with RE2015: “STS Security Requirements Tool”
UNITN Participation Conference PoEM 2015 Paper presentation: “Analyzing Trust Requirements in Socio-Technical Systems: A Belief-Based Approach”
UNITN Participation Workshop ISACA Workshop Presented VisiOn and demo of STS-Tool and SecBPMN2
UNITN Participation Conference MoDRE 2016 Paper presentation: Maintaining Secure Business Processes in Light of Socio-Technical Systems’ Evolution
UNITN Participation Conference Requirement Engineering 2016 Paper presentation: Security Requirements Engineering
UNITN, Business-e Organisation Workshop ICT Days – Trento Speech on: “Privacy in the healthcare: VisiOn.”
UNITN, UoB, ATOS, OPBG, Business-e Participation Conference Requirement Engineering 2016 Paper presentation: Privacy Requirements: Findings and Lessons Learned in Developing a Privacy Platform
UoB Participation Conference International Conference – 9th European Conference on IS Management and Evaluation – ECIME 2015 Keynote Address with title: “Rethinking Information Systems Security”
UoB Participation Conference IEEE RCIS 2016 A paper describing some project results was presented
UoB Participation Conference RCIS 2017 Presentation of paper entitled “Supporting the Design of Privacy-Aware Business Process via Privacy Process Patterns, V. Diamantopoulou, N. Argyropoulos, C. Kalloniatis, S. Gritzalis”
UoB Participation Conference RCIS 2017 Presentation of Poster entitled “Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments”, V. Diamantopoulou, M. Pavlidis
UoB Participation Conference CAiSE Forum 2017 Presentation of Visionary paper entitled “Privacy Level Agreements for Public Administration Information Systems”, V. Diamantopoulou, M. Pavlidis, H. Mouratidis
UoB Participation Conference IFIP Sec 2017 Presentation of paper entitled “Supporting Privacy by Design using Privacy Process Patterns”, V. Diamantopoulou, C. Kalloniatis, S. Gritzalis, H. Mouratidis
UoB Organisation Workshop IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS) 2017 Project presentation entitled ”Privacy Protection in e-Government: The VisiOn Privacy Platform”
Velti Participation Conference Info-Com 2015 Presentation: “My Privacy at risk, is it safe?”
Velti Participation Other 2nd ASEM seminar Participation in the ASEM cooperation Center for Science Technology and innovation and the round table discussion that followed
Velti Participation Conference Info-Com 2016 Presentation in Info-com 2016 on UI and UIX for privacy in ICT and the VisiOn example
Velti Participation Conference Annual Privacy Form 2016, supported by ENISA Participation and networking