As VisiOn is an EC funded project, conferences, workshops and generally events organised by the Commission where also part of the targeted dissemination activities. In more details:

Event Name Annual Privacy Forum 2015 & 2016
Partners Atos, Velti
Description Annual Privacy Forum (APF) is an annually held event, sponsored by the EC DG Connect and ENISA with main focus to bring together scientists, industry members and experts on the domain of privacy.

APF was a major targeted event with the participation of Atos and Vleti both in 2015 and 2016 to discuss about the VisiOn project and especially the Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) concept.


Event Name EC Round Table: A legal regime fit for an efficient and fair access to and usage and exchange of data
Partners UKL/ISST
Description An EC round table about secure data exchange infrastructures in commercial contexts held in Luxembourg 17th of March 2016


Event Name ICT event 2015 and ICT proposers’ day 2016
Partners Velti, Business-e
Description ICT event and ICT proposers’ day are the main EC organised event coming every two years each one, for the research and innovation community to come together, exhibit and show case their innovative products learn about the EC funding framework. The ICT event was an excellent opportunity to share and disseminate the VisiOn project.


Event Name 2016 Innovation procurement event
Partners DAEM
Description A two-day event co-organised by the European Commission and the Greek Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism – General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection to promote and assist the implementation of Innovation Procurements in Europe