According to the Description of Action, VisiOn project had to organise communication events in order to achieve a face-to-face promotion of the project. To this end, project partners organised the following events:

Event Name Italian VisiOn User Group meeting
Partners Business-e, UNITN, OPBG, and MISE
Description On the 9th March 2017 the first meeting of the Italian User Group on VisiOn Privacy Platform was held. Over 25 participants from different sectors (public administration, healthcare, Italian Army, citizens’ association, Government, police, etc.) participated to the initiative. The GDPR and the VisiOn End-Users’ experience was the starting point for a general discussion on the GDPR’s requirements and how VisiOn could support the compliance. The discussion has been approached taking into consideration both citizens, represented by the consumer’s association, and organizations point of views. It has also been investigated the Privacy Level Agreement concept and how this could support efficiently the interaction between citizens and organizations.


Event Name Conference on management of personal data management and telemedicine
Partners HUNJ, Atos
Description The conference was held in the Assembly Hall of the Universitary Hospital La Princesa in Madrid. The conference has been attended by sanitary personnel and research personnel. In the first place the VisiOn project has been described: its context, challenges, objectives and products. In particular the use case of privacy in telemedicine transactions across European borders has been expose in more detail. Many attendants have made interesting questions and remarks after the presentation. The impression has been very favorable to the idea of the project and its outcomes.

Following this, José Ruiz, as a representative of Atos Spain has made a very comprehensive exposition of the issues regarding security in many fields. He has centered much deeper on the security issues regarding the storing and treatment of personal data. Those issues has been very well estimated by the attending clinical public.

At last a representative of the public health research institute Carlos III, Marrio Pascual, has described the current research topics ot said institute, which coordinates many research teams of the most important hospital in Spain. In particular a network of research projects PITES has been related because it gathers many ways in which telemedicine is establishing as a general practice in the spanish health system.


Event Name Annual Privacy Forum 2017
Partners Business-e, UoB
Description Sponsored by the ENISA and the EC, the Annual Privacy Forum (APF) 2017 took place in Vienna on 7 & 8 of June. The event encourages dialog with panel discussions and provides room for exchange of ideas in between scientific sessions. Participate to the discussions during APF days, but also by being involved online on our community channels.

VisiOn decided to participate in the event as part of the final project presentation and held a both to inform stakeholders on the project outcomes. During the event, a paper was also accepted to be included in the discussion panels.

In addition to the generic communication events, project partners had also face-to-face meetings with partners, industry stakeholders and public authorities to present and discuss the VisiOn project. Those are listed below:

Date Description
October and November 2016 Business-e held two separate meetings with Gartner, an international consulting firm, on the potential of commercialization of the VisiOn Privacy Platform
October 2015 Velti presented its participation and work in VisiOn in a meeting with Motivian, a Greek IT provider company
December 2015 Velti presented the VisiOn project to the Greek National Contact Point
January 2016 Velti presented the VisiOn project to CTI-Diophantos personnel, a major research and innovation center in Greece
September 2016 Velti updated the Greek National Contact Point on the work of VisiOn project
July 2016 Velti held a meeting with OTE (Greek operator) and presented VisiOn project
April-June 2017 Business-e met the Rome chapter of Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) for discuss topics on privacy and cyber security