NCSR_logoThe National Centre for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS (NCSRD) is the biggest research centre in applied sciences and engineering in Greece and it is a self-governing research organisation. NCSRD consists of five Institutes spanning a broad range of activities, and of divisions responsible for administrative and technical support. Staff consists of about 400 persons, over 300 research associates and about 100 graduate students working towards Ph.D. degree. It is the home of the Greek National Host and a major node in the Greek National Research and Technology Network (GR-Net).
NCSRD participates in the project through the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT), which is actively involved in many areas of Information Technology and Telecommunications, including market-oriented products, as well as development and application of processes and market instruments. At present the staff of the Institute comprises of 15 senior researchers, 6 postdoctoral fellows and 12 graduate students working towards a Ph.D. degree. IIT has long record and significant achievements in the field of security and privacy mechanisms, including Content-awareness to the Network Environment, Network- and User Context-awareness to the Service Environment, security systems in real or virtual environments, next generation technology for independent interoperable emergency services and obfuscation techniques for automatic video analytics. During the recently completed FP7/ICT ALICANTE project, which proposed a novel concept towards the deployment of a new networked ‘Media Ecosystem’, IIT led the definition and the development of Content-Aware Network Layer for network packet processing.
The following are some of the EU-funded competitive research and development projects in the area of ICT and Security, in which the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications has participated, thus acquiring significant expertise: ALICANTE-ICT/FP7, T-NOVA-ICT/FP7 (Coordinator), SAVASA-SEC/FP7, GERYON-SEC/FP7, SUNNY-SEC/FP7, FP7/SEC PERSEUS (Coordinator), FP7/SEC PACT.
ALICANTE-ICT/FP7: The ALICANTE project proposed a novel concept towards the deployment of a new-networked ‘Media Ecosystem’. The proposed solution is based on a flexible cooperation between providers, operators and end-users, finally enabling every user – first – to access the offered multimedia services in various contexts, and – second – to share and deliver his own audio-visual content dynamically, seamlessly, and transparently to other users. Towards this goal, ALICANTE ’s advanced concept provides Content-awareness to the Network Environment, Network- and User Context-awareness to the Service Environment, and adapted services/content to the End- User for his best service experience possible, taking the role of a consumer and/or producer. The ALICANTE architecture introduces two novel virtual layers on top of the traditional Network layer, i.e. a Content-Aware Network layer (CAN) for network packet processing and a Home-Box layer for the actual content delivery. The validation of the project architecture and results were done in a large-scale trans-national pilot, in preparation for bringing it to the market.